Make your mark on the new Brewery!

Starting Saturday March 12, we will be offering several new opportunities to support your local Zephyrhills Brewing Company!

Your Name Here – the bar stool version:

We have 36 bar stools and 50 chairs.  We are be offering “naming rights” for each one.  You can up to 3 lines of text on the plate and it will be permanently mounted on the stool or chair. Imagine how cool it will be to bring your friends and show them “your” stool!  Tell them any story – we’ll back you up.  This option is only $75 and if you buy in the month of March – we’ll throw in a free t-shirt and some stickers!


Your Name Here – the paving brick version:

Our new front patio area will have 4″ x 8″ paving bricks as a deck.  The deck will be similar to the city sidewalks in style and color.  We are offering only 50 of the bricks to be engraved with your name and message and installed permanently in the deck area.  Heck, if you want you can pick where on the patio you want it installed!  This option is only $100 and if you buy in the month of March – we’ll throw in a free t-shirt and some stickers!


Your Name Here – the decorative block version:

In our beautiful new patio deck will be some 8 x 8 pavers to give some flair.  We are offering only 5 of these blocks for you to personalize.  The decorative blocks will be a different color than the pavers and will definitely be a feature you can be proud of when you show your friends. This option is only $200 and if you buy in the month of March – we’ll throw in a free t-shirt, ball cap  and some stickers!


Your Name Here – The brewing edition:

This is a very limited opportunity offered to only 4 sessions.  You and up to 3 of your friends will pick a style of beer and spend the day at the brewery making a batch.  Once the beer is ready to serve you will give it a name and ZBC will throw a release party for your beer.  Truly an opportunity that does not come around often.  This offer includes T-shirts for your crew, a growler filled with your beer to take home, and an assortment of stickers.  This option is only $500.  STRICTLY LIMITED TO 4

Have questions:


For questions contact Robert at or 813-363-5085

The obligatory fine print:

All wording subject to approval – make sure your grandma wouldn’t get embarrassed.  The brewing edition participants must be 21 or older as fine adult beverages will be served on brew day.



Bar starts to take shape.

The base frame of the bar came together this week.  The top will be some old picky cypress and the front will be barnyard and oak.  DSCN0744

Fermentation vessels have reported for duty.

We have just received our fermentation vessels from the vendor.  We have 8 2 bbl fermenters and 6 1/2 bbl vessels.   We will need to add valves, drains, and tasting valves before they can be put into service.DSCN0747

The Brew House has arrived!

Our all electric automated 2 barrel brewhouse has finally arrived.  This Brewmation system will speed production and will also remember my recipe!DSCN0735  The tanks you see are (from left to right) the Hot Liqueur tank, the mash tun, the boil kettle, and the brite tank.


The large bent pipe is a condensate stack.


DSCN0738The other picture is an array of shiny accessories including a RIMS tube, a device for injecting oxygen into the wort, a CIP ball, and a whole bunch of fittings.

T-Shirts are on Sale!

Visit our store today and get a rocking brewery t-shirt for only $12.00!

Bay News 9 Interview at the Brewery

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.09.05 PM

We had Amy Mariani from Bay New 9 come to the brewery to interview us about the project!  Read the entire story here.

It was a fun time and I got to stop working on patching the drywall besides!


City approves zoning!

Great news!  the City Council has approved our rezoning.  Read the story here:

Road Warrior Foundation Craft Beer Festival


The gang from ZBC will be pouring beer at this year’s Road Warrior Foundation Craft Beer Festival at the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Courts.  Come see us Jan 31st from 2-5PM and help support our Veterans!