Open Mic Signups

Are you a poet, comedian, actor, magician, or musician? Sign up for Open Mic on Wednesday and come try out new material, hone your craft, or just have fun!

Mikes, stands. mixer and PA is provided. We are an acoustic location so no drums( Don’t really have the room either) Be advised we are a family friendly venue.

10 minute slots – time starts when the previous performer is finished so be tuned up and ready to go when its your turn. We will save some slots for live sign up on the day of the event.

Sign up here:

For more information –

Tasting Room Hours for 7/23

The tasting room will open at 5PM this sunday due to a private event


ZBC® In national Brewery Trivia Contest

For four Wednesdays starting June 7th at 8:30 PM  ZBC® will be competing with 5 other breweries from different parts of the US to see who is best at Buzztime Trivia.


Come out and play and lets prove that Florida is not just sunshine and weirdness!

New and Improved summer Hours!

A few changes to our summer hours to serve you better

Saturday we will open a 3PM and close at 11PM

Sunday we will open at 3PM and close at 10PM

New Summer Hours

Slight changes to our hours to serve you better:

Wed-Thursday  3-10pm

Friday-Saturday 3-11PM

Sunday 3-10 pm


See you soon!

ZBC® Offers American Homebrewers Association Discount

We are pleased to announce that Zephyrhills Brewing will give a 20% first pour discount to all members of the American home brewers Association

Saturday 4/22 Food Truck- Jaffa Street

Here’s the Menu for Saturday night:


Shawarma sandwich: perfected lamb in a pita with hummus tahini salad pickles and cabbage


Shawarma over rice: perfected lamb over yellow rice with comes with a side of our signature hummus and also salad a drink and a pita


Kabob sandwich: our original homemade kabob, your choice (chicken/meat) in a pita covered with hummus tahini salad pickles and cabbage.


Kabob over rice: our original homemade kabob over yellow rice with comes with a side of our signature hummus and also salad a drink and a pita


Falafel sandwich: our delicious homemade Falafel in a pita covered with hummus tahini salad pickles and cabbage.


Konafeh: Middle Eastern cheese ,pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-honey based syrup


Friday 4/21 Food Truck!

Papa Ron’s Cajun Creole | Cajun Food Truck  will be here Friday for the 47th anniversary of Robert’s 21st Birthday!


Sample Menu

Entree 1 – Blackened Chicken Quesadilla

Entree 2 – Chicken Tenders w/Fries

Entree 3 – Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad

Entree 4 – Jambalaya

Entree 5 – Seafood File’ Gumbo

Entree 6 – Shrimp Po’ Boy

Entree 7 – Catfish Po’ Boy

Entree 8 – Cajun BBQ Pork Wrap


Side 1 – French Fries

Rolling Gourmet Food Truck 4/15/17

Check out the menu

The Rolling Gourmet


Gyros: A lamb & beef mix roasted on an upright broiler, then shaved and placed on a hot pita with tomatoes, onions, and in-house made tzatziki sauce. Chicken gyro also now available!


Chicken Shawarma Sandwich: Marinated chicken breast and thigh sliced off an upright broiler, rolled onto a pita with garlic paste, pickles and fries, then pressed.


Pulled Pork Sandwich: Smoked for sixteen hours! Stacked on a toasted bun then topped with sweet tangy bbq sauce. Served with our signature seasoned fries!


Falafel Pita Pocket: Our falafel is made completely from scratch!  Served on a warm pita with hummus, lettuce, Kalamata olives, Arabic pickles, tomatoes, and tahini sauce.


Cheeseburger: Fresh ground beef hand patted and cooked to order. Also: Mushroom  Swiss burger, olive burger, BBQ bacon burger, and our award-winning Sweet n’ Hot  BBQ bacon burger

8.00 and up


vary per



Seasoned ground beef and lamb grilled and served on a pita with lettuce, tomato, onion, sumac and  Arabic pickles, topped with fresh tahini sauce.

Fresh salads also available! Any of our entrees can be made into a salad as a healthy alternative!


Fresh Baked Caramel Swirled Brownies



Seasoned French Fries

Our fries are tossed with our own hand-made seasoning! (Seasoning will be available by the bottle soon!)





Falafel Bites

Mini falafel bites served as a side with a side of fresh tahini sauce.  5.00