New Dog Policy

As some of you have likely heard, the Florida Department of Health has stated that beer and other beverages fall under the definition of “food”. This means that the Department will start enforcing code 64E-11 that does not allow dogs in bars and breweries including Zephyrhills Brewing Company.

We disagree with this interpretation and ask for your help in letting both the department of Health and your State Representative know that people care about this situation. Ask them to change their definition of what they consider “food service establishments” so that breweries and bars that do not prepare and serve any food are exempt!

Our friends at Green Room Brewing have already started a Change.orgpetition that we highly encourage you to sign here:

We love having dogs and their owners in our brewery and will do everything we can to promote changing this part of the code.

In the meantime – the front patio area is still dog friendly and service animals as defined by A.D.A. are obviously always allowed in the taproom.

Please enter with your pet through the front (5th Ave) door and proceed directly to the patio. We will do our best to provide table service to your pet( and you too!)