Our First Bottle Release!

We’re releasing our very first bottle, Buddy’s Barleywine, to celebrate Tampa Bay Beer Week!

Bottles will go on sale March 7th when the brewery opens at 3pm, and this will be a very limited release!

Barleywine is the richest and strongest of the English Ales. A showcase of malty richness and complex, intense flavors. The character of these ales can change significantly over time; both young and old versions should be appreciated for what they are. The malt profile can vary widely; not all examples will have all possible flavors or aromas.

According to legend, a covered wagon traveling along Fort King Road with a herd of cattle stopped for water. Most of the cattle drank from shore, but Buddy the bull waded in and wouldn’t budge when it was time to move on. Some say Buddy waded out so far he drowned, while others say the stubborn bull left the water when he was ready and caught up with the herd. We think that Buddy knew what he wanted and stuck to it. In honor of his perseverance and strength of will we chose to honor him with this English Style Barleywine.